Ben Matthes Fab Academy


Intellectual Property This weeks assignment seems easy, choose how the intellectual licence will work, and how the . The assignment was to assume my project becomes a huge success and becomes an actual business (or in my case, community).

I started with some research, looking into the MIT license, GPL (that was a slow read), fab license and Creative commons. The creative commons was easiest to read (and understand), I highly recommend watching the short video on this page.

I think it is best to talk about the licenses I plan to use going forward with this project. It is also worth mentioning that I am assuming I will have the time and money to enforce these licences.

In terms of scaling, I dont think this will be too much of a problem. The goal of this process is as much about making a new and exciting product, as it is about making a platform on which guitar design innovation is held.

What this means for Intellectual property is that I will never need to sell a finished product. The community will be incentivised to download, play and experiment with all of the design aspects and decisions for themselves. Commercial or not, this project and its resources will be freely avaliable for anyone to use under the WTFPL liscence.

Without looking into the system of how this guitar platform will work, or any of the designs or parts will be distributed, I think it is safe to safe that the power to make any specific part (or the whole guitar) will be with the creator and not the consumer. If someone asks to buy 1000, I would very much like to have the right to accept or deny that order as I see fit! However, from now until the end of 2015, all files on here will be shared under the creative commons license- with the right of attribution being reserved. This modification means that any projects or usage of these files can be used with my permissions. I might have to put some kind of reminder on the project page once fab academy is over.

The only reason I chose to use this liscence and reserve the right of attribution is that this project will continue on after fab academy as part of my final year university project. I would really appreciate if I knew any other similar guitar project so that I could factor them into my research.