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Applications and Implications

Week 16 Assignment

The assignment for this week is to plan and document a final project that integrates the range of units covered. We also needed to answer a series of questions about this project.

What will it do?

It is a low cost portable electro-mechanical scoreboard that displays the score for a sports competition. Through simple controls the digits representing the scores for each team can be modified.

I have additional information on my final project concept page.

Concept drawing of a two piece version of my portable scoreboard.

Who's done what beforehand?

I have not seen any previous examples of the approach I plan to take. However, here are some examples different methods:

Mechanical / electro-mechanical / electro-magnetic

Electronic / Solid-state

I looked into available low cost scoreboard options available from Walmart

What materials and components will be required?

Where will the materials come from?

Common fab lab inventory items and local home improvement store

How much will it cost?

Depends somewhat upon size of display - I want to keep price down. $50 or less for a large 4 digit scoreboard with 12" digits would be a reasonable starting target for material costs.

What parts and systems will be made?

When possible, practical, and cost effective, parts will be made. Obvious exceptions are microcontrollers, electronics, and servos.

What processes will be used?

What tasks need to be completed?

I have made a couple of prototypes of the display mechanism for the Mechanical Design/Machine Design week assignment. So I basically still need to:

What questions need to be answered?

What is the schedule?

Mechanical (2 days)

Electronic (3.5 days)

Structural (1 day)

Wireless remote control (if time permits): (2 days)

Note: I try to expect the unexpected. However, with typical interruptions, conflicts, equipment availability issues, and complications it may realistically take up to three times longer.

How will it be evaluated?

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