Scott Zitek - Fab Academy 2014

Mechanical Design

Week 14 Assignment

The assignment for this week is to work on the mechanical design for our final project. I would like to make a portable scoreboard for my final project. An important aspect of the scoreboard is a mechanical seven segment display.

Design #1

My first design uses two actuators for each seven segment digit. I constructed a prototype using cardboard, clear acrylic, and vinyl decals.


Design #2

My second design is the same as the first design except that I made the segments 0.875 inches wide. This is almost twice as wide as the original.


Design #2 - Change makes digit easier to read but pairs of digits would need to be spaced too far apart.

Design #3

My third design is the same as the second design except that I added a third slide to reduce the space needed between digits.


Design #3 - Reduces the space needed between digits but adds the costs of an additional actuator per digit.

Design #4

My fourth design looks similar to the previous design but reduces the number of actuators needed per digit back down to only two.