LaserCut Computer Controlled Machining

Description of the project

The idea for the milling assigment is to fabricate a new kind of laptop stand that you can use and take with you around the house. The material for the stand is Oriented Strand Board (OSB) , is an engineered wood particle board formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood strands (flakes) in specific orientations.
You can use work with your computer using the laptop stand as an small support table, something to use in your bed, your couch and also outside to sit under a tree.
The project is based on the design of: Green Tuna Design with the variation of the table base and the height of the stand, in order to using it sitting in your bed.
The shape of the lateral pieces allows you to overlap the pieces between them.

Technical Information

Fab Academy Barcelona Class No.8
Assignament: Computer Controlled Machining "Laptop Stand"
By Robert Garita

Machine: Shopbot Gantry
-Rhino 5
-ShopBot 3
-PartWork 3.0
-Oriented Strand Board (OSB)


Final Project: "Laptop Stand"

    For this assignment we had to design a piece of furniture (or something big) using a 2500x1250x10mm OSB [Oriented Strand Board] that has to assembled without glue, nails or screws. The cut of the OSB board was made in the ShopBot CNC Milling Machine, which cuts and perforates thick materials easily.

    Fabrication Process
    Ok now is time to talk about the workflow, first is good to know that we are going to use CNC machine so for that we need to create an strategy using:
    1. Partworks software(for lines).
    2. Partworks 3D software(for reliefs).
    Partworks 3 (lines)
    -Import your file.
    -Set the thinkness of the material (our case 14.3 mm).
    -Check "use XY origin offset".
    -Set units to "mm".
    A. Profile: Allow follow this line "means"
    B. Cutting Depths: 15.3 mm ( it is 1mm more than material thickness).
    C. Material Vectors: "on".
    D. Directions: Climb.
    E. Name: Put a name as you want.
    F. Tool: end mill (6mm).
    G. Cutting Params: Path Depth - 5 mm (how many material removes).
    H. Step Over: 8000 - 12000.
    I. Feed Rate: 40 mm.
    J. Plug Rate: 10 mm (z-axis).
    K. Toolpaths: Toolpaths list.
    Select Order: drill, inside, outside.
    Select item: (drill) and then save as template.
    Select item: (inside) and then save as template.
    Select item: (outside) and then save as template.
    Save complete projec for possible changes.

    Download the 2D Model and 3D Model of my project.