LaserCut Mechanical Design

Description of the project

The idea of the mechanism is to be implemented and attached to a “passive hydroponic system” which is an easy and a cheap way to start a small farming project.

Technical Information

Fab Academy Barcelona Class No.15
Assignament: Mechanical Design
By Robert Garita

-Rhino 5


    The mechanism is based in the COREXY project. CoreXY provides a fundamental building block of many computerized fabrication tools - cartesian motion - in a simple and adaptable format.
    Three main concepts of the COREXY are:
    Fast: We believe in speed. COREXY (mostly) parallel kinematics mean that the motors, typically the largest source of inertia on a DIY-grade stage, are stationary. This permits rapid accelerations.
    Simple:  COREXY can be implemented with only three structural plates, all of which can nest during fabrication.
    Flexible: Whether your medium is fabric or aluminum, the principle behind COREXY permits motion stages to be rendered in a variety of materials and a wide range of sizes.

    You can download the 3D model from my personal account on Thingiverse