LaserCut Output Devices

Description of the project

The idea of this week is to create a board that i can use for my final project. Now the main goal is to run a board with the F_Duino of my Input Devices project. I need to move at least two stepper motor in order to run my futuro project.

Technical Information

Fab Academy Barcelona Class No.13
Assignament: Output Devices
By Robert Garita

-Roland Modela MDX-20 milling machine
-Soldering Iron


Project: "GS_Steppers"

    Following the advised of my tutor to use separated boards for my project I decided to modify Neil's  hello.stepper.bipolar board in order to run the outputs with my F_Duino. The idea is to use two bipolars stepper motors, I found on my research that those motors are more power and with a better torque than a unipolar one, while one can actively control the position on a step motor.
    I called my board GS_Stepper, as the brains of my board im using two A4953 drivers, both required to power one 4-wire bipolar stepper motor.Each driver is coupled with a 0.1uF and 10uF capacitor, while I also took the two 4 pin headers from the hello.stepper using one to connect the driver outputs to the motor and the other being connected to an external 9V battery supply needed to run the motor.
    Download the design of the GS_Stepper if you want to used, works very nice for me.

    You can download here the code for the Stepper_oneStepAtATime