Creative Spark Enterprise FabLab

Fab Academy Diploma local documentation

Enterprise FabLab is a technical prototyping platform at Creative Spark in Dundalk Co. Louth Ireland, with more than 200 sq. meters of full equipped space, digital fabrication machinery and power tools. Enterprise FabLab is a digital fabrication laboratory and together with Creative Spark Print Studio, and Downtown Hub, we are the three creative hubs that provide space, deliver supports and connect clusters.

Ryan Reilly

Heya everyone! I'm a Multimedia Artist from Ireland with an Educational background in Graphic Design, Media, Arts & Technologies.

Group assignments

Check our group assigments!

Week 3 - Computer-Controlled Cutting

Do your lab's safety training, characterize your lasercutter's focus, power, speed, rate, kerf, joint clearance and types.

Week 4 - Electronics production

Characterize the design rules for your in-house PCB production process and send a PCB out to a board house.

Week 5 - 3D scanning and printing

Test the design rules for your 3D printer(s).

Week 6 - Embedded programming

Browse through the data sheet for your microcontroller and compare the performance and development workflows for other architectures

Week 7 - Computer-Controlled Machining

Do your lab's safety training, test runout, alignment, fixturing, speeds, feeds, materials, and toolpaths for your machine.

Week 8 - Electronics design

Use the test equipment in your lab to observe the operation of a microcontroller circuit board and send a PCB out to a board house.

Week 9 - Output devices

Measure the power consumption of an output device

Week 10 - Machine week - Rotary Pub FMCU

For this group assigment, we decided to make a scale model of a local pub to make a fun push button for the FMCU

Week 11 - Input devices

Probe an input device's analog levels and digital signals

Week 12 - Moulding and casting

Review the safety data sheets for each of your moulding and casting materials, then make and compare test casts with each of them and compare printing vs machining moulds

Week 13 - Networking and communication

Send a message between two projects

Week 14 -Interface and application programming

Compare as many tool options as possible

Oscar Diaz

Education and Operations Manager @ Enterprise FabLab. Fab Academy 2017 graduate.