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Week 1
Principles and Practices

Welcome to my 1th week of Fabacademy. 😀

The task list for this week:

  • Plan and sketch a potential final project
  • Described briefly what it will do and who will use it.

Final Project Ideas

Problem Identification:

Vigyan Ashram has a girls hostel on their campus that produces 20-30 Sanatory napkins per month and they have only one solution for destroying Sanatory napkins . Which is the electric incinerator they are using. Which have a very small capacity and a long incineration timing. Also, the maintenance of an electric incinerator is very costly. During their trial, the IR ceramic heaters in electrical incinerators got fused after Some frequent trials, and also due to improper air supply they generated a large amount of smoke. which caused them a big maintenance amount.

LPG Base Sanitary Napkin Incinerator.

During my fellowship at Vigyan Ashram Pabal. I designed an LPG base Sanitary napkins Incinerator of 5 Sanatory napkins capacity. Which is working in good condition. It is a fully Automatic Sanitary napkin incinerator. It uses LPG gas as a source of fuel for burning the Sanatory napkins in a very effective way using very little time of operation cycle and nearly no smoke output. It runs on a Algorithmic Control for controlling the Gas burner flame. The system consists of a solenoid gas valve, Electrical igniters, Thermal sensors for flame detection, a servo motor actuator for Adjusting the flow of gas through the burner, a custom microcontroller PCB design controlling this component, and a power supply unit.

How we start it.

A brief introduction .

Final assembled model.

About my final Project.

In my fab academy final project, I want to scale up my design for 30 Sanatory napkins per bach system. And want to pilot one for Government offices, Hospitals, Ladies Hostels, Women’s Club, or Households organization at end .

Sketch for my project design.

Following is the schematic sketch for explaining my project design.

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Concept sketch for 30 pads per bach LPG base Sanitary napkin incinerator.

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Incenerator scametic circit digram.