Week #19

Project Development

I’m almost done with my final project!

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

# Task % of Completion
1 CAD 100%
2 Mechanical Design 100%
3 3D printing 100%
4 Laser Cutting 100%
5 Electronics Design 100%
6 Electronics Production 100%
7 Electronics Programming 100%
8 Interface System 100%
9 Bluetooth Communication 100%
10 Documentation 100%
10 Poster, Video 100%

What has worked? what hasn’t?

Tasks marked as 100% work well.

What questions need to be resolved?

Trying with the code on how to increase the speed of the robot.

What will happen when?

The subsequent phase requires the completion of the following tasks: Developing the codes - Integration -Checking how the system performs - Final project records In parallel work, I’ve already started writing and testing system functioning. More work should start on the once I finish those two. By setting a deadline of June 8, 2020, I gave myself one day to do everything but the documentation.

What have you learned?

This project’s creation has been incredibly eye opening. I gained knowledge of Robotics and how to built a mobile app and connected using a wireless technique, it was amazing experience.

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