Bridging the digital divide

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Group Assignments

Here, you can see the Group Assignments of the students per week

WEEK 3: Computer-controlled Cutting

WEEK 4: Electronics Production

WEEK 5: 3D Scanning and Printing

WEEK 6: Electronic Design

WEEK 7: Computer-controlled Machining

WEEK 8: Embedded Programming

WEEK 9: Molding and Casting

WEEK 10: Output Devices

WEEK 11: Input Devices

WEEK 12: Networking and Communications

WEEK 13: Interface and application Programming

Machine Week

WEEK 10: Mechanical Design - Machine Design

In this section the students will develop a machine. Under construction



Fab Academy Lab Manager Agreement The Fab Academy is responsible for: - Teaching principles and practices of digital fabrication - Arranging lectures, recitations, meetings, and events for the class - Evaluating and providing feedback on student work - Offering clear standards for completing assignments - Certifying and archiving student progress - Supervising class preparation - Reviewing prospective students, instructors, and labs - Providing central staff and infrastructure for students, instructors, and labs - Fund-raising for costs not covered by student tuition - Managing and reporting on the program's finances, results, and impacts - Publicizing the program - Promoting a respectful environment free of harassment and discrimination

I am a Fab Academy lab manager, responsible for: - Ensuring that all the machines and supplies required by the class are available and in good condition - Providing adequate lab access for the class - Allowing the Fab Academy to share work in the class (with attribution) for purposes compatible with its mission - Selecting, supervising, and supporting the local instructors - Monitoring safe and responsible lab use - Following locally applicable health and safety guidance - Promoting a respectful environment free of harassment and discrimination Signed by committing this file in my repository, Fab Lab Lima

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