Week 2 - Computer-Aided Design

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My main MCAD driver is SolidWorks.

This week, I chose to document modeling a plant pot that looks like a climbing wall. In a way, it serves as a model of a potential final project, a modular climbing wall. I’ve been thinking of constructing said wall out of triangular panels.

cadRender A render of my rockPot courtesy of Photoview360 from SolidWorks.

2d 2022.06.28 - A 2d depiction of my actual final project from Inkscape.

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modeling process >

first attempt - lofts >

My first attempt at creating a rock wall pot unfortunately didn’t go very far, though I spent quite some time on it.


I spent about ~30min staring at the screen and rotating the part, trying to figure out if the model was headed in the right direction.

I concluded that it was not.


second attempt - patterns >

My second attempt was better, I played with patterns and got some interesting results… but made some mistakes when I attempted to move some parts into subassemblies (which broke references, caused errors, etc.).

Oops. cad

Going scorched earth is cathartic. cad

third (and final) attempt - subassemblies >

Third time’s the charm! This time, I was a bit more intelligent about subassemblies and preemptively organizing my parts. I managed to make the following (already pictured earlier).

Hexagonal base, one more time. cad

Triangle part. cad

Circular pattern. cad

Triangle “b” part. cad

Finished subassembly for single layer. cad

Mirror. cad

Chamfer on triangle part. cad

Rebuilt assembly. cad

Hexagon basic body for hold. cad

Using planes, sliced up body to create a hold-like body. cad

Result. cad

Moved body to more appropriate location. cad

Sketch-driven pattern used to “stochastically” arrange holds. cad cad

So… forgot to save. Remodeled a single hold. cad

result >


Source files:

2d design >


I created a side view sketchup of my final project in Inkscape.

basic frame.

adding some more features and colors.

removed some of the “helper” geometry.

labeling some of the features in the machine.

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