Week 14 - Interface and Application Programming

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after last week (and the previous, the previous…), decided to get a head start on the assignment since the weather is nice.

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link to tkinter

original from Urumbot: tk

modifications to suit final project: tk tk tk

based on working with tkinter, I think other options may be more flexible, especially if we consider a much larger fabrication cell (4 machines, 8 machines, etc.).

also, whether it’s a larger fabrication cell or different machine control panels, I think breaking the UI elements into logical windows/groups would be more intuitive.

I went back to the notebook after messing around with tkinter a bit to play with these ideas: tk

mods or some other dataflow UI is especially good for larger numbers of machines, since zooming is a feature. This aligns w/ previous thoughts I’ve had about visualizing data from projects/capabilities and adding scoping features to them.

unfortunately, given my progress with the final project, my multi-axis multi-machine tkinter ui didn’t matter too much for the final cut. to demonstrate I know how to use tkinter to control a board I built (without all of the additional code present in the Urumbot.py code), I made a simple tkinter ui that controls an led.

I modified some blinky code to flash an led with a delay that started at 1000ms.

I also color the gui so it’s hard to mix up the buttons.


three.js >

it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done much w/ the assignments I need to finish. my explorations have brought me to three.js, and maybe I can tie that into my assignment.

reading up on how to do js stuff w/ websites (I’ve never really dealt with js before), and concerned about performance impact.

js and jekyll this is where to put the js


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