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portraitDrawing (Drawn by my amazing girlfriend)

Background >

Motivation >

I found out about fabacademy through research collaboration between the Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA) and Molex! I’m taking the class to:

Where I’m from >

I’m from the US, specifically the Chicago-land area. I lived at Purdue for ~4 years while attending, and after graduating, came back to Chicago-land to work for Molex. Since then, I’ve lived in both the suburbs and the city! I’ve since determined that Oak Park is my current Lagrange Point between climbing, work, making, and friends :)

Hobbies >

Climbing >

I like going on climbing trips with my friends, which usually doubles as an excuse to get outdoors and do all sorts of things beyond just climbing. The outdoors are a great place for ideation and meditation. One of my aspirations in life is to bring my indoor and outdoor lives closer together.

climbing0 Joshua Tree, CA - somewhere between 0-375ft up in the air.

climbing1 Elephant Rocks, MO - somewhere between 0-10ft up in the air.

I’ve been climbing on and off since ~2015. I’m a mix between bouldering (v4-v7) and roping (5.10-5.12), but right now, I’m more of a boulderer.

My current home gyms are the First Ascent network in Chicago. If you ever visit Chicago, let’s climb!

Making >

I got my first 3d printer in Junior year of college (~2017), Cetus MkI. cetus

My initial impetus spawned from our campus Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) club. hvz

The game happens once a year, and most players start out as humans, with nerf blasters that can be used to stun zombies. As the game progresses, zombies begin to outnumber humans. Nerf blaster magazines were ~$15, so to save on costs as a broke college student, I backed a ~$250 3d printer from kickstarter to print my own mags.

I ended up not printing any mags, but I did print all the things I couldn’t have imagined without that machine at my fingertips.

Over the course of the next few years, I got a Prusa i3 Mk3s + MMU2S, 2x Ender 3’s, 1x Elegoo Mars 2P. I also bought/inherited a variety of other machines and tools; a Silhouette Cameo 3 for vinylcutting projects, rework tools for electronics, woodworking tools for furniture, and more.

Most of these tools live in my apartment and garage homelab (which I rent with some others).

In addition to these tools and spaces, I’ll be using equipment from the MSI Fablab and Molex to complete my fab explorations.

I’ll likely spin up a page for my tools when I find the time.

personal fab >

As a maker, I’ve spent some time on odd projects here and there. I’ll share some pictures from my gitlab when I get a chance. #TODO

wearables >

I’m interested in transhumanism and similar topics that reconcile humans and technology, and that’s translated in some of my projects. Between 3d printing and electronics, I’ve designed/implemented some basic wearables.

wood furniture >

Since buying/inheriting wood working equipment, I’ve spent some time building tables. They’re not the prettiest pieces, but they work!

Fab Academy Student Agreement >

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I am a Fab Academy student, responsible for: >

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Alan Han

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