Networking and Communications

Group Assignment

  1. Send a message between two projects

Steppers and lights (Alan)

Alan demonstrated adding an arbitrary serially networked peripheral to an Urumbu-style machine. It happened to be squidward, from a past week.

3PakCNC Controller (Dan)

Dan designed, fabricated and programmed a 3 Axis CNC Controller Board, he named “3PakCNC” for his Foam Crawler CNC Machine. The 3PakCNC controller allows g-code to be sent via WiFi and TCP to the FoamCrawler CNC machine or any other 3 Axis stepper motor driven machine. You can see Dan’s complete Networking and Communications Assignment here: 3PakCNC: Networking and Communications Assignment

Here is a video Dan’s 3PakCNC controller controling 3 stepper motors tuned for the Foam Crawler CNC Machine: