Interface and Applications

Group Assignment

  1. Compare as many tool options as possible.


took a look at processing, can confirm what Neil said about processing having a very similar IDE to Arduino IDE. After doing some digging, looks like it’ll be hard to port processing sketches to the web. Neil also pointed out p5.js, which appears to be a javascript port of processing.


Neil’s Urumbot example uses Tkinter (python library) for GUI stuff. It’s relatively easy to bootstrap and as a python library, can be used directly with pyserial and other libraries to directly work w/ hardware.

Not sure if its particularly suited for webapp development however.


built on js, runs in the browser. I (Alan) spent some time exploring and attempting to add a module to mods. Still a WIP, but mods is great for menus and machine control.


Dan used DroidScript a JavaScript IDE for android, and also accessible from a browser, that allows programming of a UI with graphic buttons. Dan created a android GUI with on and off buttons that turned on and off an LED on his LEDuo board. The on off signals triggered by touch screen buttons on Dan’s android phone passed over WiFi via Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to the ESP32 based LEDuo board running Arduino code.

See Dan’s complete project at: DroidScript: Interface and application programming

Here is a video showing the control of D1 LED on the LEDou board with the Android GUI Dan programmed.