About us

Since its launch in 2012, Fab Lab Egypt (FLE) has become the leader of the maker movement in Egypt. The lack of hands-on learning in education and its impact on the deteriorating economy and industry, has led us to believe that we need to revive the making skills of all Egyptians, and to have world-class “Designed and Made in Egypt” products. Fab Lab Egypt is a makerspace founded in 2012 by young Egyptians.

The lab is a member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Fab Lab global network since 2012. It is a digital fabrication lab which provides manual and digital fabrication machines, such as 3D printers, for anyone to make almost anything, including robotics, furniture and installations. Young children, college students, entrepreneurs and businesses materialize and prototype their ideas in the labs. With our network of labs and makerspaces labs across Egypt, we share our machines, tools, skills, resources and ideas with the community to create new opportunities for economic and social benefit.

The founders of Fab Lab Egypt established San3a Tech in 2016 to act as the parent company for FLE in addition to other products.