José Manuel Díaz Bello
Puebla, México.

Hello! Welcome to my FabAcademy page.

My name is José Manuel Díaz and I am 29 years old. I studied architecture at the Autonomous University of Puebla, in 2011 I had my first contact with digital fabrication and I was fascinated. In 2017 I started working with digital manufacturing machines in one of the most important private schools in Puebla, I put my knowledge into practice to help art, architecture and engineering students to manufacture their prototypes with 3D printing and laser cutting. In 2019 I joined the Anáhuac University team where I am currently the coordinator of the Fab Lab, here I help students from the School of Architecture and Design to acquire new digital fabrication skills applied to academic projects.
Below, I share with you some of the projects I developed throughout my working life as an architect and maker.

Animatronic from Mexican Legends "The Ball Game"

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