"Change is brough about because ordinary people do extraordinary things"

Fab Lab ZOi

Fab Academy 2021

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FabLab ZOI is a Digital Manufacturing Laboratory, which is part of the worldwide Global FabLab Network which originated at MIT. It promotes research and technological development based on science, design and art to improve life in Latin America. We bring pioneering technological knowledge and techniques to the country and the region thanks to strong ties with foundations and allies at Harvard, MIT and several prestigious institutions worldwide.
You can visit the web site for more information: ZOI

The ZOI Team

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We are a group of people with different backgrounds in search of new experiences. The Fab Academy is the platform to discover, explore and imagine hundreds of possibilities in each of our personal and professional projects. We invite you to be part of this journey.

Weekly assignments


Week by week we work together on useful tasks for our personal projects. If you want to know more details you can click on the following link

Final project - The machine


Find out the final result of our joint work. This work brings together the vision and efforts of each one from their discipline and specialty to achieve the objective we have in mind.