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Hello! My name is Jacob Libby and I am a Junior at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. I was born and raised in Maine and spend my spare time between being on my computer, playing my guitar, and spending time with my girlfriend and family. I have been involved with makerspaces since Highschool and am very excited to be participating in FabAcademy with others at my home lab at Wheaton College MA. I have experience working with coding, 3d-printing, and laser-cutting, and have spent time 3d-modeling in Blender and Fusion 360. I am taking FabAcademy because I am hoping to gain more experience in circuitry and fabrication because I am still unsure of my "dream job/career" and am exploring the vein of fabrication. My favorite pizza topping is bacon and pineapple, I firmly believe that hotdogs are sanwiches (but am willing to debate), and enjoy swimming in the rain. This is starting to sound like a dating profile so I think I'll stop for now...

This website will be used to organize and document my journey through the FabAcademy course.


Final Project

Pomodoro Blender

Remote work lends itself to numerous distractions and a lack of motivation. As an undergrad student, staying focused and driven is a constant struggle and I have heard that people in industry are also experiencing similar feelings. For my final project, I am creating a Pomodoro helper that will keep users focused, and encourage camaraderie.

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