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About Me

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Elizabeth Shelto

Hi! I'm Elizabeth, a 20-year-old college student from the United States. I love Victorian era literature, writing, and playing board games. My home is near a lot of trails, so I like to go hiking when possible. I also have five chickens, a fact I include solely because I enjoy sharing pictures of them with everyone I meet.

Picture of Chicken

This is Gracie, one of my chickens.

When I was 13 I discovered my interest in the human brain, and ended up deciding to pursue a degree in neuroscience, with the hopes of eventually holding a research career. Since beginning my degree, I have come to realize just how interdisciplinary neuroscience is, and how vital proficiency in all STEM areas is. Many of my neuroscience professors frequently stress the importance of familiarizing oneself with technology as much as possible. I saw this firsthand last year, when a neuroscience laboratory I volunteer in relied heavily on digital fabrication techniques to produce materials needed for an experiment. Seeing this inspired me to want to learn all about all of the machines in my school's Fab Lab. I don't have much experience within the digital fabrication field, but I do a bit of programming, which will probably come in handy later on in this course. I'm taking Fab Academy so that I can gain the skills to become a better researcher, and so I can learn how to make cool stuff!