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10. Molding and casting

  1. molding and casting \
  2. hero shot
  3. assignment requirements

Design a mold around the stock and tooling that you’ll be using, mill it (rough cut + (at least) three-axis finish cut), and use it to cast parts

  1. spiral project management

Phase one : design the mold

Phase two: milling with cnc router

Phase three : creating mold

Phase four : cast

  1. process

phase one: design

in this section i wanted to design a jewelry stands for personal and commercial use. i am using 3dsmax, first step was to know the base size of the material which is blue wax it was a box (15x15x7) cm.

i start drawing different shapes and tried to enclosure them inside the box, our instructor Isma’el told me to be aware of the spacing between the shapes so it will not break, and to draw a frame so i wont need another box to pour the molding material in. after adjusting i ended up putting the shapes in the two sides .

so the process is positive-negative-positive .

  • i have also subtracted a void box inside the module to put the positive shapes and union them. to do so in max.

i selected the shape i want to subtract from and click on the panel side to choose the compound objects – then ProBoolain .

the shapes i used which are basics shapes , like a cone and a ladder a pyramid and a double arch.

after being satisfied with the result i exported to stl file to open in vcarve software

phase two : milling the wax mold with cnc router

i had a cube wax mold, that usually used to create a molds it was ( 7 x 7 x 14 ) cm cube.

repeating the Vcarve program process but now to create a depth I followed these steps to create a rough cut .

  1. preparing the machine

  2. Selecting the 6.35 mm bid

  • correcting to the machine using tools.


  • positing the machine to the x,y,z axis


Phase three : creating the mold

i have used a combinations of lequid materials

and knowing exactly the percentages of them two to make it hard enough to hold the cast and rubbly

i used the grams scale , and so on this was the result after pouring the molding material

and here is the result after one night to dry which came out easier than i thought.

Phase four : casting

i have choose to prepare a white concrete and a paint to look ike a terrazzo stone. by adding a terrazzo paint with a concrete mix.

I was not very satisfied by the result because it did not show the stone effect ass the terrazzo as I expected due to two factors which are the amount of water inside the casting and the size of the sizes of terrazzo pieces.

but it’s a good start for me. and i am looking forward for an architectural applications.

Last update: November 30, 2021