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06. 3D Scanning and Printing


Individual assignment:

Design and 3D print an object (small, few cm3, limited by printer time) that could not be easily made subtractive 3D scan an object, try to prepare it for printing (and optionally print it)

1. 3D printing

i have always loved the weirdly kind of molded cakes that were spreded across the internet. so i decided to make my own cloudy cake mold using 3d printers

first step was designing the cloudy shape that i am previusly familer with 3dsmax i found it easy to strt with a sphere shape and add multiples and join everything together using proBoolean in modifiers

i wanted to make as close a bubbly different sphere sizes

and then exported it to a .stl file .

  1. 3D printer Ultimaker S3

second thing with this assgment was to prepare the file to our lab’s 3d printer.

choosing the used model which is ULTIMAKER S5

insert the .stl file choose a proper settings

  1. 3D printing process:

chosing the settings where i choose to do manully such as

INFILL: to know how dinse is your 3d printed model

SUPPORT: to add support stands when needed (which are used in diffrent angles at 45 or more to prevent the modle from falling )

and SPEED : to speed up the machine.

here cura can let you test the layering of the 3d printed before printing it.

layer view .

chosing to send th file via wifi

The result

2. 3D scanning

for 3d scanning i used our labs 3d scanner which is handheld Sense scanner. i choose to 3d scan an ancient mold of a Lightner that where found in Jordan.

the end result came out as an obj file that can be open and modified in 3d software-s easily.

but before preparing the file for 3d printing i wanted to make different modification on the 3d object so i uploaded the file into 3dsmax and edited the vertex of it.

after that i wanted to extract it into a stl file.

and then open it in cura to prepare it for the 3d print



Last update: November 30, 2021