1. Principles and practices

Assignment : Plan and sketch a potential final project

1.1 Plan

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and learning about the documentation process. Due to my work circumstances (afternoon work) I have to optimize the time to integrate the Fabacademy into my daily tasks. I have developed a weekly work plan that I describe in the following calendar.

1.2 My idea for the final project

My idea for the final project is to build a Virtual Reality Simulator for Electric Scooter. "VR SCOOTER"

I am going to design and build an electric scooter on a simulation platform that will integrate the movements made by the user in a virtual scenario created in Unity software, and it can also be viewed using Oculus Quest2 RV glasses. This project is composed in 3 parts:

  • Desing and construction of an electric scooter (not funcional). Replicate the structure and inputs.
  • Design and development of a 1 degree of freedom platform.
  • Creation scenario VR in Unity software and communicate with platform.

Replicate the structure of an electric scooter on the market (xiaomi pro 2), the functionality of the scooter is to integrate the following inputs (accelerator, handbrake, power button, bell and direction)

VR Scooter 1.0: Initially I have thought of a sketch of a 2 degree of freedom (pitch / roll) platform driven by two electric motors. In this new version the platform will only have 1 degree of freedom of movement, I will use an electric actuator for the movement (pitch), I have ruled out the movement (roll) since the user could fall from the platform and suffer an injury, in addition, the stage Virtual will simulate the tour of a city where you would only find slopes up and down.

The platform will be composed of:

  • a power supply (230vac - 24vdc)
  • a motion control system
  • an electric actuator
  • a fastening system for the electric scooter (a shock absorber is included to simulate a roll due to the inertial movement due to the movement of the user's body)
  • the support structure

Creation of a virtual reality and communication scenario A computer will be used to create the scenario in the UNITY software and to communicate through the serial port with the platform. The visualization of the scene will be done through virtual reality glasses (Oculus Quest 2).