Plan and sketch a potential of final project

Ideas in mind for project:

1. Sprouter:

In our Vigyan Ashram’s kitchen, seed grains or pulses are not properly sprouts. Sprouts are technically pre-digested food. While sprouting, complex carbohydrate, protein and fats are broken down into simple sugars, amino acids and fatty acids. This predigested food can be easily absorbed by our body.

A traditional method was keep seeds in water for soaking and then after 4-5 hours remove from water and put in a cotton cloth upto overnight for sprouting. The seed grains or pulses are not properly sprouts by using this traditional method, because we have need to make sproutes for 70-75 peoples and that's why this process tends to smell and gets it sticky.

For sprouting seed needs Oxygen and humid environment. While lagre number of seed puts in the cottan cloth, inner seeds didn't get Oxygen to produces sprout. And then it happened growth of anaerobic bacteria, so get smell and seeds were sticky. So need to work on Sprouter.

2. Low cost water filter:

Currently besides various Industrial separation applications membrane technology to find its major use in the treatement of sea/brackish/river water of drinking and effluent treatment for water recyclying purpose. Due to econimic consideration, all existing water treatement plants are of very large size. Owing to rapid increase in population in developing countries do not have the access of good quality portable water and is susceptible to water born diseases.

Increase in general awreness among urban population has popularised many domestic water treatement units which works on UV sterilisation or addition/control release of small biocide chemical. However, most of such units are expensive and also need frequent replacement/maintenance. Another problem with these devices is that they do not remove bacteria but kill them and the dead bodies are carried in the product water which is not desireable.

So need to work on the domestic water purifier device which is based on most effective membrane for separation process of bacteria from water without using electricity.

3. Green house Automation:

Green hosue automation systems are too expensive and in India 90% farmers are not able to use this enpensive system, So I thought 'can I overcome this enpensive system upto minimum cost ?'.

In recent scenario of climate change and its effect on the environment has motivated the farmers to install greenhouses in their fields. But maintaining a greenhouse and its plantation is very labour intensive and another problem was automation of greenhouse. Thus we have need to develope such a cost effective system, which is focused on solving these particular problems.

4. Monitoring for Grey Water Recycling System. :

A primary benefit of using a greywater system is lowered water usage. Because it makes use of recycled water, it can significantly reduce your overall water consumption and your water bill.

In "Vigyan Ashram", we were facing water problem form many years, So we were installed grey water tratment plant. But because of some reasons we were not getting good results:
1. Electricity cut off.
2. Recycling water pump failure.

~Why I choose this Project

INDIA is the Agricultural Country. We need go for geen house automation for sustainable farming.
But other hand we were also facing problem of drinking water. So, we should have need to work on basic needs for people. i.e. Drinking water.
I decided I'll go one by one. So, now at this stage I want to experiment on "Greay water". That's why, I choose "Monitoring for Grey water recycling system".

Problem Statement:

It was observed that many of the times the motor is not turned ON, and there is no reliable source to find out when this happens.
In such situations the areation ia adversely affected. This harms the whole grey water recycling system.

Sketch of final project:

Fig. Grey Water system at Vigyan Ashram.

Fig. Sketch of final project.