Fab Academy 2019 - Lucas Lim
18. Wildcard Week : Machine Embroidery

Assignment :

Week 18 learning journey :

This week is a 'wildcard' week whereby each student can freely choose what they like to work on and in-turn present for this week assignment. It can also be seen as an opportunity for the local Fab Lab to showcase a special or unique skillset in their Fab Lab.

For the Singapore Polytechnic Fab Lab, we have a fascinating new embroidery machine which is easy and fun to use.

The Singapore Polytechnic Fab Lab has been conducting 'half-day' embroidery class for the teaching and support Staff of SP.

Brother NV800E Embroidery Machine :

Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. ~ Wiki

Embroidery, like Vinyl cutting, can be a great way to give your projects a creative and fantastic finishing touch. Example users can express their creativity and embroider artwork, company logo, etc to their clothing, jacket, hand towel, etc.

The embroidery machine used in the Fab Lab is a Brother NV800E embroidery only machine, which look like a sewing machine but only does embroidery only.

The Brother Innov-Is 800E is uite an affordable machine.

It has
11 built-in fonts,
138 built-in embroidery patterns,
automatic needle threader,
full colour touch screen LCD display,
a large embroidery area of up to 7 inches x 5 inches (or square 6 inches x 6 inches),
quick set bobbin,
USB Port for easy printing via using USB drive, among other features.

Parts of the Brother NV800E Embroidery Machine :

References :
- Brother Operation Manual

The embroidery working area which is spacious and kept clean and neat :

The various color threads for embroidery kept in a wooden rack beside the PC for anyone to use :

My Polo-Tee

I intend to embroider on a white polo-tee which cost around SGD $9.90 (USD 7.70) ordered online.

My design for embroidery

I used the Brother 'PE-DESIGN' version 11 software to create my design file for embroidery.

I downlaoded the Fab Lab Logo from Wikipedia and wanted to do an embroidery of the Fab Lab logo.

Operation of the machine


Reflection :


Files :

My design in Fusion 360 :
My file

References :

- Brother NV800E embroidery only machine