Fab Academy 2019 - Lucas Lim
15. Mechanical Design

Assignment :

Week 15 learning journey :

I had a busy schedule last week and was sick on Sunday and Monday, therefore not been able to complete my assignment.

It is coming...

I am following this link on Instructables and will be making a 'eggbot' or a egg drawing/painting machine. However I will be designing my own version.

The eggbot is a simple '2-axis' drawing machine that can draw on most spherical surfaces, eg. egg, ping-pong ball, etc. An example of it's application is drawing the decoration on Easter Eggs.

Reference :
- instructable: Laser Cut Sphere-O-Bot
- The Original Egg Bot
- DIY Arduino Controlled Egg-Bot

Components to build 'eggbot' Machine

Electronics needed :
1. Arduino Uno board
2. Polulu A4988 stepper motor drivers
3. 2 NEMA 17 stepper motors
4. Micro sized servo motor
5. 5V Power adaptor
6. Wire

Other material/parts needed :
7. 8mm threaded rod
8. 9 6-32 screws/nuts
9. 8 M3 screws
10. Plywood

Drawing tool :
11. Permanent marker that make fine stroke
Material :
12. Small spherical objects (holiday ornaments, egg, ping pong ball, golf ball, light bulb, etc...)
PS : For my machine building, I will just focus small spherical objects like the size of a chicken egg.

Files :

My design in Fusion 360 :
My file

References :