Final project

~ Plant Hydrator Alarm ~


What does it do?

Before I had an idea of making a plant hydrator indicator. Which is very similar to many products available on the market. Now, I have slightly changed the idea, I'm going to make a plant hydrator alarm, apart from receiving the reminder from the LED, I will replace it with a buzzer. Therefore, the system will be connected to a buzzer that will make a sound whenever the plant is thirsty.

Who's done this beforehand?

I got the inspiration from We Make things. During the Applications and Implications week, I shared a list of other examples of products available online that serve the same purpose.

What did you design?

I designed a water-proof casing by 3D printing. I also designed an embedded system connected to a buzzer that gives beep sounds when the plant needs to be Hydrated.

What materials and components were used?

No Electronic Components
1 ATtiny44
2 5v Regulator
3 Resonator
4 Buzzer
5 Resistors
6 Capacitor
7 Slide switches
8 Moisture/Humidity sensor
9 9V Battery
10 Copper plate for PCB

Other materials were the Casing that I 3D printed with PLA and the top part that I laser cutted.

Where did they come from?

I got all the components in Fablab

How much did they cost?

All components cost approx. $10

What parts and systems were made?

2D & 3D Design

. Laser cut the upper casing
. 3D print the casing

Input & Output Devices

. Moisture & Humidity Sensor
. Buzzer

Electronics Design & Production

. Circuit Design
. PCB Milling

Embedded Programming

What processes were used?

First design the casing in solid works:


Next, I printed:


The casing:


Designed the top part with CorelDraw and laser cutted it:


Designed the PCB, milled it and soldered all components:

final final



What questions were answered and how was it evaluated?

I verified if the program, inputs and outputs work together.


final final


What are the implications?

For future improvements, I would like to power my syatem with solar power, so that the alarm can function only during the day I would also like to improve the beep sound by choosing another type of buzzer.



Thank you very much!