Task 13

Applications and implications

In this week, I was given a task to Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered.

What will it do?

The Project will be an Automated Linear Axis Motion Mechanism that has the capablity to move in the X and Y axis as per command. The Number of turns of the motor will be utilized to measure the distance being travelled by the Linear Motion in either axis and the bluetooth will be utilized as an interface to control these motions. The Project will be useful in the Antenna Measurements Laboratory where the Antenna can be mounted on top and moved Linearly in X an Y direction and to analyze Radiation Patterns variations with respect to distance.

Who's done what beforehand?

    I have seen previous year FAB Academy students who utilized the linear motion rail, but the purpose of that was completely different.
  • Fab Dolly
  • Camera Rail

    • I was inspired by plenty of Antenna Measurement Systems on Youtube
  • Near Field Antenna Patterns Measuring System
  • Near Field Antenna Patterns Measurement
  • Akademika Lab Solutions Antenna measurement systems
  • Small Near Field Scanner, Visualization

  • What will you design?

      I will design the following:
  • I will design the PCB Board for Input and Output Control for my Board.
  • I will Laser cut the the structure box on which the Linear Motion will be implemented.
  • I will 3D Print the Antenna Mouting and holding parts and the brackets required for them.
  • I will design the UI Interface to control the motors. I am plannig to use MIT App Inventor to design the App over there.

  • What materials and components will be used?

    Where will it come from?

    How much will they cost?

    I will get the required components and materials from Fab Inventory, Although there are some Matrials and components which are needed to be purchased from other shops.

    Fig.1 - List of Components and their prices

      I will design the following:
  • Structure (Laser Cutting)
  • 3D Printed Brackets
  • 3D Printed Antenna Mount

  • What questions need to be answered?

    The linear mechanism with the timing belt shall provide enough torque so that the Antenna Mounted on top of it can be moved easily. The second important is the control of Axis, I am planning to use the Bluetooth module HC:06 and I have to design a custom application for that.

    How will it be evaluated?

    The Movement along the X and Y Axis shall be controlled by the Application on mobile/PC. When provided a certain distance to move the Antenna mounted on top shall move in a particular direction for the defined distance. Also if a manual control of movement is done with arrow keys to move forward, backward, left or right. The Project shall be able to do that. Apart from movement, the motion shall be smooth without any woobling, it shall be stable. The Motor shall provide enough torque and the complete structure on the floor shall be stable.