Hello all! My name is Sahan Wickramaarachchi. I have completed my bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and currently, I'm pursuing my Master's degree in wireless communication engineering specialized in RF at the University of Oulu.

Contact Information
Center for Wireless Communications University Of Oulu
Fab Academy Student Agreement
I am a Fab Academy student, responsible for:

- Attending class lectures and participating in reviews
- Developing and documenting projects assigned to introduce and demonstrate skills
- Honestly reporting on my work
- Working safely
- Leaving workspaces in the same (or better) condition than I found them
- Participating in the upkeep of my lab
- Ensuring that my tuition to cover local and central class costs is covered
- Promoting a respectful environment free of harassment and discrimination
Signed by committing this file in my repository,


Fab Academy 2019.