Model (raster, vector, 2D, 3D, render, animate, simulate, ...) a possible final project, and post it on your class page

What I did

  • Understood both raster and vector file types
  • Tried Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator
  • Learned Adobe Photoshop
  • Started learning Fusion360
  • Tried to draw my final project in Fusion 360


This week Neil gave us an introduction to computer-aided design. He introduced us to a few software for 2D and 3D designing. He also gave us an idea about raster and vector files.Raster or bitmap files are pixel based and when we zoom in raster files we can see pixels and each pixel are given specific color.So, raster files are only scalable downwards and they are mainly used to make raster graphics. At the same time, vector files are scalable and each curve is made using mathematical equations.
final image

image source :

For 2d rastor drawing I used Photoshop

final image

This is the final drawing. I will be using this enclosure for my final project. The Cylindrical hole will be closed with an acrylic piece.

final image To get a better view of the design go to MODEL > Render. This will give more reaslistic image of the final product.
final image

This is the image after rendering. This cannot be considered as the final drawing. I will be improving the drawing.

Download the design files here

Download f3d file here

7 segment display

I'm planning to make a 7 segment display for my final project. Found this project interesting. They made this completly using 3d printer. I wanted to add laser cutting also.

I started designing in fusion.

Made this drawing

Extruded the drawing to 20mm thickness. Made 3mm depth for fixing 3mm laser engraved transparent acrylic.

Added 3mm sheet over it. To change the appearence of the material, right click on the component select appearence. Change the material.

Download the design file here