Project Development


This week our assignement is to complete our final project, tracking our progress:

What will happen and when?

Here is my preliminary project plan I tried to do some parts of my project during our weekly assignements.

• Identify problem statement of the project - till January 30
• Prepare list of necessary equipment, tools, materials, components - February 1
• All necessary components and materials will be ready - June 1
Start /making sketches/
• Development and design of the box - February 1 - June 16
• Design and development of the control board - April 3
• Testing the board - this was ongoing process ant it lasted tll the June 15
• Design the gear - February 19 - June 10
• Programming - March 10- June 15
• Assembling all parts - May 25 - June 16
• Testing 1 - May 23
• Testing 2 - June 13
• implementation of canges - June 14
• Testing 3 - June 15
• Final testings - June 16 - 18
• Make the video and the presentation - June 15 - 18

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?


• 3D model of gear is designed and printed
• Componenets, tools and softwares are selected
• Motor is chosen
• The board is developed and made
• Board is programmed

Should be done

• Design the box for the device
• Assemble all components
• Start testing processes

What has worked? what hasn't?


• Motor with motor conntroller
• The board

Has not

• Haven't assembled all parts
• Haven't tested all together

What questions need to be resolved?

• Redesign the board
• Redesign motor control part of the board
• Redesign the box

What have you learned?

Working on my project and doing weekly assignements helped me to understand different fabrication and design processes. During the developmet process of this project I learned embedded programming, developed my skills in 3D and 2D modelling, learned PCB making and system integration.
I should first of all assemble all parts and test the device. I ordered a smd light sensor and it is not shipped yet.
If I don't get the sensor on time I will change and use simple legged light sensor. I am going to prnt new version of the gear, it may have be better conections.