Applications and implications


My final project will be about automation of shutter blinds. The shutter blinds lifts when the sunlight is weak and go down in case of sunlight. I want to use this device for protecting Dilijan fab lab equipment from unnecessary sunlight. There are different projects like this and I got a lot of information about them.
I decided to do this project, when once I came to lab on Saturday and there was a strange smell, that was burning air filter.

Here are some of companies, which produces automated shatter blinds

Shade & Shutter Systems, Inc
Smart blind
During the development process I will design control board of the shutter blinds, programm the board, design and and print a gear, and boxes.

I will use the following components for the project:

• Electronics board, motor driver, light sensor etc.
• DC Motor
• Gear
• Switches.

Materials I will use

• PLexiglas
All the components and materials are available at the lab, only I need to buy smd light sensor, I have ordered it from "robotshop" online stre and waited it to be shipped to Armenia.
According to my preliminary calculations the cost of the device will be 55$.
I will use the following machines and tools
• 3D printer for printing the gear and some parts of the box
• Laser cutter or CNC milling machine for making the boxes
• SRM milling machine for making the board
• Screwdriver
• Soldering iron
• Multimeter,etc.

My final project has the following steps of implementation

• Research about similar projects and devices
• Design and development
• Testing
• Solving of problems
• Finishing

Processes I will use

• Design and make a control board
• Design and make a boxes by laser cutter or CNC machine
• Design and print a gear by 3d printer
• Choose a motor
• Programm the board
• Assemble all parts
• Test

I am going to use the following software

• AutoCad,
• Fusion365 or Rhino ceros5
• KICad
• Corel DRaw
• Atmel studio

Project evaluation

• The board would be designed and prototyped
• The board would be programmed
• Designed and cut, printed gears, box and other parts of the project
• Assembled all parts
• Tested all parts
• Fully operated device