Solomon Embafrash

Not all who wander are lost

About me

Hello! I’m Solomon, Fablab Manager at Aalto university Fablab in Helsinki, Finland. This is my Fab Academy 2018 class archive site, which will track my progress and project development as I work my way through the course over the next 6 months.

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My lab

The first fablab in Finland, Aalto Fablab was established in 2011. The lab has since been very actively involved with the University students, local schools and makers from all around the world. The new location of the lab is now a full maker space that consists of a VR hub, a visual resources center and a video recording studio for documentation. With the expansion of the Helsinki metro to a new station across the street from the lab, everyone in the region now has very easy access.

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Final Project

A Fablab tour guide helmet that tracks a persons location in the lab and explains about the machines or some of the works done in the lab. inspired by

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