For electronics, I designed a board based on fabaduino and a power supply for giving autonomy.
Also the device has a wet bulb sensor, dry bulb sensor, globe temperature, a Bluetooth module for the communication between the app and sensors (in future) and RGB (LED) as a signal for user.

I decided to use the ATMega microcontroller to grow the project in the future with other sensors and communication and networking

First design

First take a board FabKit as a reference. In the eagle program, I decided to remove components and only leave the necessary for the project.

Below is the list of final components and final schematic board of first design.

Make the board
I used fabmodules and Roland SRM-20 machine.

Then I start the milling and soldering process.

electronic_firstDesign from Ileana Ceron Palma on Vimeo.

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