GIT, Gitlab, Gitbash

In the start I had a hard time wrapping my head around version control. I didden’t quite understand the need for it when I also was doing my log. While I was trying to get comfortable with using GIT it was giving more and more sense as the amount of data was growing. At first I downloaded Git bash and crated an account at Gitlab

Once GIT was installed and configured, I could follow the sacred 4 steps to use GIT. That is, withing Terminal, the following actions:

cd (enter the correct folder)
git pull
git status
git add .
git status
git commit -m (comment) ""
git push
git status

In the following images you can see my use GIT pushing my Html and CSS from my folder to GIT:

It is now week 5 and I have to come back to write a little more about GIT. The commands are now rooted in my backbone but I still have some troubles once in a while. My latest worries about GIT is when I am trying to push my website some of the pictures not showing correct. After talking to a fellow student I realised I had some spelling errors regarding uppercase- and lowercase letters in my picture files. I learned by using the "ls" command in GIT it showed me how GIT reads the name of my files, so that I could correct them. But I still have some work and correction to do as you can see in the picture below where the two first pictures are missing.

fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git. OH MY, not the message you'll like to hear, but I am for one getting used to it. I have some problems with git or maybe I rather should say, I have some problems with my computer. I have a work computer form my job in the municipality where I roam the drive space, and once in a while my SHH key for my git is missing. I've found that it happens when the municipality pushes an update to the computer. I have now acquired an older computer to be fully dedicated to Ubuntu. I think this will be like my first day of a new life. Since I also see that there are many advantages to Linux (Ubuntu) when we are working with programming.