Assignment 1: Principles and Practices

Plan and sketch a potential final project

Planning of the final project
My final project is an automation system for the pH and EC measuring and adjusting of pH and nutrients in hydroponics.

Idea for the project came from my hobby of growing chilies in a hydroponic system, where lighting and water pumping are automated. To improve the system, I wanted to add automated pH and EC measuring to boost the yield and to make it easier to evaluate the need for the solution adjustment or change. In the greenhouse, the temperatures rise during the hottest hours and evaporation increases and the solution gets more concentrated. Overfertilization is harmful to plant growth and chili yield. To tackle this problem, automation can be used to control the solution pH and EC, by adding water, fertilizers and pH control agents in the solution.

The idea is to create measuring device that is moved in the solution, takes measurements and moves itself in the storage solution to keep pH sensor working. Solenoid valve is used to control the flow of water and perstaltic pumps are used to control the flow of nutrients and pH control agent in the solution. Load sensors are added to the feet of the solution tank to evaluate the amount of solution in the tank. Evaporation of water can be kept in control with these measurements and to keep the pH and nutrient levels stable. Whole system is going to operate with solar panels in 12 V system.

Final project

Parts needed for the project:
-Stepper motors 2 pcs
-pH meter
-EC meter
-Device for the measurements
-Solenoid valve 12V
-Boxing for electronics
-Bottle rack for nutritions and pH control agent
-Peristaltic pumps 3 pcs
-Load sensors 4 pcs
-Tank for storage solution