Fab Academy for Students

Fab Academy General Rules

The role of Fab Academy is to initiate, mentor and technically train new students for participation and leadership in the global Fab Lab Network community. It’s how we train our teachers. It’s also a great way to gain exposure to a wide variety of digital fabrication, electronics, molding and casting and composites practices and build skills in a short amount of time.

This document is written for those interested and/or participating the Fab Academy (both current and aspiring students and labs). It assumes that you already know what a Fab Lab is – and that you already have one or are in the process of setting one up.

Please read the Fab Academy Handbook HERE.


Fab Academy Evaluation Process

During Fab Academy, you will learn how to envision, prototype and document your ideas through many hours of hands-on experience with digital fabrication tools. You will work weekly in short term assignments and complete the course with a Final Project mixing and blending all the acquired knowledge. You will be evaluated mainly based on your website, where you will document your work through out the cycle. So it is important that you incorporate from the beginning the habit of documenting your processes, both success and failure.

The evaluation process is constantly ongoing and has many layers. You will be evaluated for:

  • the assignments (what you’ll do)
  • what we want you to learn each week (why you’re doing it)
  • the base-line evidence/proof/things you need to show what you’ve learned each week (what you did and how you did it).

There is constant evaluation of your performance from your local Instructors, from the senior Instructors leading the Regional Reviews, and from the Faculty. But the obtainment of the diploma rests in the Final Evaluation.

The Final Evaluation Process has 3 steps:

  • Final Project Presentation in front of Faculty and peers
  • Instructor’s assessment or Local Evaluation
  • Global Evaluators assessment or Global Evaluation



A student graduates from Fab Academy under the following  conditions:

  1. He/she has completed and documented ALL the assignments, based on the standards of the Assessment Document.
  2. He/she has presented the Final Project to the Faculty and to their peer in the Final Presentations rounds of June (or January).
  3. He/she has been evaluated and passed the assessment of both Local Instructor and Global Evaluator. For 2017 students, this procedure took place in the App, which you can access with your fablabs.io login info.
  4. He/she has paid their corresponding Fab Academy tuition fees and the Global Evaluation fees (if is a continuing student)


Please read the Evaluation Section of the Fab Academy Handbook HERE

Please read the Fab Academy Assignments and Assessment doc HERE.


IMPORTANT: Students fees cover 1 year (2 evaluation rounds in the year of enrollment, not later!) of instruction and assessment. After this period, access to instruction and evaluation will have extra costs. Check Continuing students section here.



Although the classes run from Jan to June, you should be aware that Fab Academy may take more than that. Here you can see the year-round schedule:


















Students Complaints and Grievances

It is our duty to ensure that all Fab Academy students receive a quality education and that relations between staff and students are equitable. This is why we offer a system for the resolution of disputes, in case they arise.

Please read the Fab Academy Grievances Procedure HERE

File a Complaint HERE