Tuition Fees

Fab Academy Tuition fees

Fab Academy Diploma …………………5.000(USD) (currency to be determined by local lab)
Fab Academy individual certificates…… 500(USD) (currency to be determined by local lab)

Fab Academy Europe will charge tuition fees in Euros.
Fix exchange rate of 0.89€ for 2016

NOTE: Tuition fees are variable according to local fab labs. Some labs might apply local currencies, and in Europe some labs apply 1:1 conversion in €.

Included in the costs:
•  All the basic course materials.
• 15 hours a week of hands-on Fab Lab access and personal instruction.


Cost breakdown structure

Student tuition for the Fab Academy is $5,000.
The tuition is split 50% between local costs that stay in the lab, and 50% that’s paid centrally for shared costs outside of the lab.
The local part of the tuition ($2,500) is divided into four parts:
  • 25% ($625) is for direct student expenses. This includes consumables, and materials for projects.
  • 25% ($625) is for facilities. This includes purchasing machines, and running costs for space.
  • 25% ($625) is for operations. This is the staff that manages running the class, including placing orders, maintaining machines, scheduling meetings, and tracking students.
  • 25% ($625) is for instruction. This is for the instructor(s) that provide individual technical guidance.
In a new (beginner) lab, both the class operations and instruction are provided by outside gurus funded by those lines. With more experience, an intermediate lab takes over running the class operations, with outside instructors. Finally, in an expert lab both operations and instructors are local. The timing of those transitions is based on labs demonstrating mastery of these functions.
All the labs are in turn grouped around larger super-node sites that support local supply chains for specialized materials, mentor more advanced skills and offer more advanced capabilities, manage regional reviews of student work, and supervise the evaluation of student progress.
The global part of the tuition ($2,500) is also divided into four parts:
  • 25% ($625) is for the faculty. This covers preparing and delivering the lectures, running global reviews, and developing curriculum.
  • 25% ($625) is for operations. This includes the regional supervision, and direct support for the class such as recording its videos.
  • 25% ($625) is for administration. This is for common costs across classes, including managing finances, running logistics, keeping records, and supporting servers.
  • 25% ($625) is for student support. This covers the review and accreditation of student work, registration for graduation at the FABx events, and contributions towards scholarships.



Only local labs can determine whether they are able to offer scholarships. Some labs also need a minimum of students paying full fees, to be able to offer economical support to other students.
For this reason, before requesting a scholarship you must select a node first and apply to the Fab Academy program.



Payment Policies

Once students receive their acceptance letter, a down payment of 2000 USD or € must be done to secure the place. The remaining part of the tuition fees might be paid either in one installment before 15th of January 2015, or two installments:
1º) 50% before 15th of January 2016
2º) 50% before 15th March 2016

The 2000 USD or € confirmation fee is non-refundable. The rest of tuition fees may be refunded if the student notifies his/her withdrawal before the start of the course. Fab Academy reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Diploma course due to low number of enrolled students in each lab. In case of cancellation of the Diploma course in specific locations, the full tuition will be refunded without any type of additional compensations. In case of postponement the tuition fee will be refunded to students that applied for it.

The students with unresolved payments to Fab Academy administration or to the local Fab Lab (tuition or material fees) or pending of returning materials belonging to specific Fab Lab (access cards, library books, software licenses or other) will not receive the final Diploma or any official certificate.


Payment Data


>Via Bank Transfer


Name of organizacion:  IAAC (Institud d’Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya)
Address: C/ Pujades nº102 08005 Barcelona
Account: 0049 6784 31 2716153842
Name of the bank: BANCO SANTANDER S.A.
Address bank: Av. Via agusta nº182, 08021, Barcelona
IBAN: ES8800496784312716153842

Make sure that bank transferring SUBJECT is your personal name, and not the person who orders the transfer. Also make sure to select the SWITF instructions code “OUR” when ordering the bank transfer. This means that you have to pay the transfer charges.

>Via PayPal
The amount + 3,4% (PayPal transfers costs)

>Via Credit Card
Please contact us



Wire Payments:
Webster Bank, N.A., Waterbury, CT USA
BIC: WENAUS31 / FED ABA#: 211170101
For credit to: Sherry Lassiter
The Fab Foundation
50 Milk Street, 16th Floor
Boston, MA 02109
Tel 857-333-7777
Fab Foundation Academy Account: #9320283506

S.W.I.F.T. MT103
FIELD 57A: WENAUS31 // ABA 211170101
FIELD 59: Sherry Lassiter
The Fab Foundation
50 Milk Street, 16th Floor
Boston, MA 02109
Tel 857-333-7777
Fab Foundation Academy Account: #9320283506