2017 STUDENTS Application form

2017 STUDENTS Application form


1. After you fill this form, the lab/node you selected will review your profile and inform us about the results of the selection.
2. If the lab/node approves your application, we'll send you an Acceptance Letter with payment instructions
3. You must secure 70% of the Fab Academy fees before the program starts in mid-January, in one or 2 payments.


1. Tuition for the year 2017 is 5.000 USD (Euros might apply in some European Labs).
2. The selected candidates must send to Fab Academy Coordination (coordination@fabacademy.org)a scanned proof of a down payment of 2.000USD to confirm participation, maximum 2 weeks after their acceptance.
The remaining part of the tuition fees (3.000 USD) might be paid in either one or two installments, 50% (1.500 USD), before 15th of January 2016 and 50% (1.500 USD) before 15th March 2016.
3. Labs reserve the right to have additional rates in tuition fees.
4. Fab Labs in Europe might rate tuition fees in Euros (5000€), please check with your local lab before submitting.
5. All payments must be paid by bank transfer to: Bank information provided by Fab Academy Coordination.
Note: in the bank transferring SUBJECT must appear the applicant’s name. SWIFT code "OUR".


By submitting this form, you agree with the terms of the "Tuition Fees & Payment Policy" of the 2017 Program.

Reed the terms here:


If you have any further questions please refer to: coordination@fabacademy.org