2017 NODES Application Form

2017 NODES Application Form

This is the application form for Fab Labs who wish to offer the Fab Academy 2017 at their labs.

In order to participate in the Fab Academy, Fab Labs must have:
- Internet connection (at least 1mb upload/download)
- A common space for students to work
- Qualified staff: a local Tutor and/or a Guru (local or remote). Both tutors and gurus are Fab Academy graduates, with different level of expertise.
- ALL equipment and materials listed in the Fab Inventory
- Workgroup: isolated students are not accepted, a workgroup of students (minimum 3) is required.

IMPORTANT: Submission of this application does not constitute approval as a Fab Academy node. Further information may be requested at a later date in order to complete the application process.

1- Fab Labs apply to become a Fab Academy 2017 NODE by filling the following form.
2- New Node's applications will be reviewed by Supernodes in order to assess their suitability to offer the program
3- Fab Labs will receive written confirmation of participation and will be added to the listed of active Nodes on the website and the student's application form.
4- Students will apply to the listed labs.
5- Once we start receiving student's applications, we'll forward them to the selected nodes for their consideration.
6- Local Nodes must inform acceptance or rejection of the applicants to the Central Application Office in order to send acceptance/rejection letters.

-EVERY NODE must be affiliated to a Supernode. This affiliation is generally distributed geographically, unless there is a specific reason not to.
- NEW NODES must send a 1 minute video to Central Coordination of a tour to your Fab Lab and show us your workspace, the machines,material area, etc.