1-I want to apply to the Fab Academy. What should I do?

To apply for the Fab Academy course you must fill the online application form. You will find it here.
After you send your application, the Fab Lab manager will contact you to make an interview (in-person or via skype). In the following weeks after the interview, Admissions will contact you with the results of the selection process.


2-What are the admissions requirements? Do I need a minimum education qualification?

Although there is no specific qualification required, it is necessary to have general knowledge in 2D and 3D design, in digital fabrication, in electronic programming and web design and development.
If you rate your proficiency in them between Low and Medium, the course should be considered a full-time dedication program. If you rate your proficiency between High and Expert, you can consider the program to be part-time.


3-Once I have applied, does it mean I’m a student of the program?

After you send your application, the Fab Lab manager will contact you to make an interview (in-person or via skype). In the following weeks after the interview, Admissions will contact you with the results of the selection process. You are registered in the program once you pay the deposit.


4-Should I contact the Fab Lab I chose to follow the program?

Not necessarily. During the online application process, you will be asked to select a Fab Lab (node) to follow the program. After your submission, the chosen Fab Lab manager will contact you to make an interview (in-person or via skype).


5-Can I apply for only 1 certificate?


This option is not available anymore.


6-Is the application fee refundable?

Once students receive their acceptance letter, a down payment of 2000 USD/€ must be done to secure the place. The remaining part of the tuition fees might be paid either in one installment or two installments.

The 2000 USD or € confirmation fee is non-refundable. The rest of tuition fees may be refunded in accordance to the Terms & Conditions document.


7-Is it a University Master or Post degree? Does it has University credits?

The Fab Academy is a Digital Fabrication Program directed by Neil Gershenfeld of MIT’s Center For Bits and Atoms and based on MIT’s rapid prototyping course, MAS 863: How to Make (Almost) Anything. There is no global accreditation for these skills. Instead, each student builds a portfolio that documents their mastery of them individually, and their integration. The Fab Diploma is awarded by the Fab Academy. It has no institutional connection with MIT (and none should be claimed), but a number of the participating sites offer it overlaid with their local accreditation. It recognizes readiness to work in, and establish, a fab lab. The Fab Diploma has led to students obtaining employment, investment, admission, and recognition.

In the last years, numerous institutions started accrediting the skills developed in the Fab Academy course. Some of these institutions are listed here.


8-Can I take the course distance-learning mode?

Fab Academy is a 5-months program, face-to-face, part-time with at least 30hs a week dedication.
Global lectures happen on Wednesdays at 9:00 on the US East Coast (ranging from 6:00 on the West Coast to 23:00 in Japan). In adition, there is between 2 or 3 days of hands-on work in the lab.


9-How much are the course fees?

Fab Academy fees are:
Fab Academy Diploma ………………… the suggested price is 5.000(USD) (currency to be determined by local lab) but some labs may charge a different Tuition Fee, so we strongly recomend to check with your selected Lab which will be the final amount.
IMPORTANT:::::Fab Academy Europe may charge tuition fees in Euros according to updated exchange rates.


10-How can I pay my fees?

Payments are done through a secure payment platform: FLYWIRE. You will receive payment instructions in due time.


11-What funding is available? Are there scholarships available?

Only local labs can determine whether they are able to offer scholarships. Some labs also need a minimum of students paying full fees, to be able to offer economical support to other students. Find out more about the procedure here.

You can also search for national or international scholarships that may be offered for students to study abroad.


12-What is the workload for the course?

Between 20 to 35 hours a week of dedication, depending on your technical background.


13-In which language is the Fab Academy delivered?



14-Do I need TOEFL / GRE to apply?

Although there is no TOEFL / GRE requirements, we do expect our students to have a very good level of English, both speaking and writing. It is the language in which you will be evaluated.


15-My city is not listed as a Fab Academy Node/ My city does not have a Fab Lab.

If your city is not listed in the online application form may be because:

  1. is not listed yet
  2. is not offering the Fab Academy this year

Fab Academy active nodes will be added through the whole Application Process.


16-Can I take the Fab Academy in a city other than mine?

Yes, you can take the Fab Academy in any of the listed active Fab Academy nodes.

But, have in mind that Fab Academy fees only cover the education and does not cover the expenses of living abroad.


17-What is the content of the program?

The Fab Academy provides instruction and supervises investigation of mechanisms, applications, and implications of digital fabrication.

It comprises 20 certificates. In order to graduate from Fab Academy, you must pass all 20 certificates:

principles and practices
project management
computer-aided design
computer-controlled cutting
electronics production
computer-controlled machining
electronics design
molding and casting
embedded programming
3D scanning and printing
interface and application programming
mechanical design
output devices
networking and communications
machine design
applications and implications
project development
invention, intellectual property, and income


18-I have a specific theme/project i’d like to carry on during the courses.

For the Project Development assignment you must document a final project that integrates the range of units covered. The final project topic is chosen by you.


19-If I don’t finish my studies in the natural term of the course (5-months), can I follow the program next year, can I graduate anyway? 

To graduate you need to achieve 3 steps:
1º To complete (make and document) all the certificates.

2º To present your Final Project to your peers. There are 2 opportunities to do that:

  • End of June (when the cycle finishes)
  • Mid-January (when the new cycle starts)

3º To pass the Global Evaluation round. There are 2 opportunities to do that:

  • July
  • November

More info here.

If you were not able to finish in the natural course of the program you can finish on your own and apply for a new Final Project Presentation + Global Evaluation later. This may have added costs.