Fab Academy for Continuing Students




One Fab Academy Cycle is a period that goes from mid-January until mid-July.

Continuing students are students that have done one or more assignments of the Fab Academy but have not completed the full diploma in the year (cycle) they enrolled in.
If the student desires to reactivate the course and graduate, he/she should have in mind:

1. There may be associated costs (see below);

2. They will be evaluated according to the standards of the year they are being evaluated. This means assignments should be completed according to the new criterion, stated in the Assessment Book, before the students access the evaluation process.



Continuing students can find themselves in the following situations:

A- Missing assignments
One or more assignments have not been taken by the student, who will have to attend the specific class or classes to take the whole assignment.
In this case, the student needs access to a Fab Academy Node, to an available Instructor and materials to accomplish the work.

B- Completing assignments
The student has taken all the assignments but he/she needs to complete documentation in order to get ready for final Evaluation Process.
In this case, the only resource needed is the support of an Instructor for advice and final assessment.

C- Missing evaluation stages

C.1. Missing the Final Project Presentation: To enter the evaluation cycle, the student must have presented the Final Project in front of the Faculty and peers. If a continuing student needs to present, he/she can do it in one of the two opportunities we have per year (late June or mid-January). For this, they may need support from their instructors to help them set up the presentation.
C.2. Missing the Local Evaluation: Students need to be evaluated by their local Instructors. If the evaluation takes place outside the cycle a student enroled in, there may be costs associated, depending on the local Lab regulations.


C.3. Missing the Global Evaluation: To graduate, students need to undergo one final layer of evaluation in which other instructors and gurus review the student’s work purely based in the content of their website. This layer of evaluation is covered by CentralCosts. If the global evaluation needs to be repeated, it has a cost of 250 US$.



Fab Academy is earned by progress rather than the calendar, via the successful completion of a series of certificate requirements. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply resources are endless. Students must pay for extra time and extra resources. Continuing students should have in mind that after the year/cycle they enrolled in, there might be extra fees to complete or finish.

In cases AB and C.2., local labs may request extra fees to cover extra resources. Before enrolling, please arrange with your Lab a schedule and a work plan to understand which resources will be needed and if they are able to provide them. Then, after completing the missing assignments and local evaluation, applies case C.3.

In case C.3., Central Administration will charge the access to a new round of Global Evaluation. The costs of accessing a new Global Evaluation cycle is 250 USD, and is paid only when the local Instructor gives the OK for a complete work. If a student was never evaluated, he/she does not need to pay the fees. If a student fails the Global Evaluation, or fails to complete the work in 1 year, then the fees apply.


As a reference, the cost per unit is the cost of the course divided into 20 assignments.

As an example:

5000USD* fees / 20 assignments = 250USD per assignments (local and central costs)
8 assignments to complete = 250 x 8 = 2000USD (1000USD for local costs + 1000USD for central costs)



If a Continuing Student desires to finish the Fab Academy, he/she should contact Fab Academy Coordination to assess in which stage the student is in > coordination@fabacademy.org



Mid-January > Final Presentations: 2nd round (no evaluations)

June > Final Presentations: 1st round

Global Evaluation: is continuous, but a student can only enter a cycle every July.


IMPORTANT: After 3 years of inactivity following the enrollment year, a Continuing Student becomes a Former Student and he/she can be asked to pay again part of the full tuition fees, depending on the amount of work left to complete.