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Fab Academy 2014 /// Graduation

Another amazing Fab Academy year has passed and we are ready to welcome a new edition: Fab Academy 2015 During the past edition, more than 90 students from over 30 labs, learned how to make (almost) anything. And, as every year, there has been plenty of experience learned, documented, shared, translated, reinterpreted, reiterated and innovated […]


Fab Academy 2012 > Final Presentations > Wed 30th May

This is the third edition of the Fab Academy program, developed by the Fab Lab Network. The Fab Academy is a distributed education system which covers the principles, applications and implications of digital fabrication, consists on a 20 week program based on processes, techniques and tools, as well as the development of new machines and […]

Fab Academy 2011 Final Presentations + Open House

  Fab Academy 2011 program. Projects presentation and exhibition. Open House at the Fab Lab. 15 Labs around the world shared the last 6 months on projects from Circuit production to Furniture design. More than 8 countries such as Iceland, Kenya, the Netherlands, Spain or United States participated in the second edition of the newly […]



Fab Academy update

The Fab Academy 2011 is under developement through the Fab Lab Network, and projects are starting to be shaped and prepared for the final presentations and exhibition to be held in the videoconference system on June the 1st. The majority of the modules have been completed, which come across different digital fabrication techniques, from microcontroller […]

Fab Academy 2011 > Week 1 > Introducing the new class

Professor Neil Gershenfeld (Director of CBA at MIT), leads the second year of the Fab Academy. 50 Participants from 14 different sites. The Fab Academy 2011 has started on January 19th, 3pm Barcelona, 9am Boston, 6am California, 11pm Japan. Students from countries such as South Africa, United States, Iceland, Netherlands, Peru and Spain are participating […]