I've learned this week how to turn a physical object into code and how to take that code and print it as a physical object in 3D.

I've made a scanner of myself with the Kinect to become a 3D model too.

//3D Design and Fix the Mesh

• Maybe because is February I fell romantic ;-) so I've designed a heart-rose ring on Cinema 4D and export it on .stl to print it.
• I open my .stl to check the mesh on Netfabb software because it's super intuitive to repair the mesh, fix the holes and reduce the poligones of my design.
I check my mesh with Netfabb and I fixed the holes that was in my design till all the design becomes green, that's means it's perfect, so I export as .stl and my design is ready to print!

//3D Printing

• I've printed my ring with the Makerbot machine.
• I've I use MakerWare software to prepare my file to send to print. With this software you can move or rotate your object if it is necessary.
• I've layed down the ring to start for the flat part.
• Click “Make” button.
• Set up:
- Make it now -The replicator 2
- MakerBot PLA material - Standard Resolution
- Raft unchecked -Supports unchecked ( my ring doesn't need supports)
- 0.10 mm of layer height
- Send to Print.
Time of print: about 17 minutes.
IMPORTANT! Do a small test before to send your model to print if you don't want to wait per hours and don't have the right finish.

// 3D Scanning

• I've used Kinect XBox 360 camera and Skanect Software with Santi Fu help to scan myself.
We moved the Kinect 360º around me no to fast because the software can't lost the point of reference.
• Kinect becomes into a 3D scanner able to create 3D meshes out of real scenes in a few minutes just moving the kinect 360º around the object and recording it with Skanect.
• Skanect give me the parameters to: 1.PREPARE, 2.RECORD and 3.PROCESS: the mesh file to fill the holes and move&crop it to remove extra objects that I don't need and 4.EXPORt in .stl.
After do the scanner I've taken the .stl, open in Cinema 4D and clean some extra parts on the back of scanned body.

• It's done RING!