• I’ve designed a piece which you can built as many structures as you need to enjoy a relaxing time inside &/or outside.
• It’ll work by assembly, no using any glues or screws.
• It'll be portable pieces, so you can customise in a different ways, bringing with you everywhere and just enjoying it by yourself or sharing with your friends.
• Simple, comfortable, easy and useful to bring with you.
• I've designed in 2D with Illustrator.

//3D Cinema 4D

• I use to work with video and animation, so I feel more familiar with Cinema 4D.
• I've took my 2D file from Illustrator, save in Illustator 8 so Cinema 4D can open it.
• Merge the file on Cinema 4D to makes it 3D.
• Extrude the 2D design with Extrude Nurbs tool and put the thickness of my material 2cm.

//Different Utilities

•BASE: shoulder bag, sit chair, back for your shoulder on the beach and read, umbrella for your food, base for your table
•BIG LEGS: legs for the table, racket for the beach
•SMALL LEGS: legs for bed table, small racket for the beach
•Now try & ENJOY IT!