WELCOME! Great, here we are! Mix of people come from different countries and backgrounds, Barcelona team is ready to start this period of how to learn by doing, share our background and knowledge and be ready to open our mind to different worlds of new information.

//Design and create a personal website

• I've built my webpage basing on a template and then with DREAMWEAVER software I've customized it with HTML for my necessities.
• I started to read HTML library, resumed the basic code lines that I'll need and I started to change and create my website up to me.
• I've designed and organized my website in this topics:
//ABOUT ME (synthetic presentation).
//MENU FOR WEEKS (where I'm documenting and explanting week by week what I'm working on and how I'm doing it).
//FINAL PROJECT (everything about my develop and working on my research and final project).

• I've started to think about a possible final project.

// Intro to version control: Mecurial

• I've learnt how to go intro the Terminal and how to upload my files on MERCURIAL.
Mercurial is a free tool to communicate with the Fab Academy server to upload my webpage and progress.
I had some problems installing Mercurial on my computer because I’d Phython 2.7 as a current version and I've had to get back on 2.6 version to communicate with the server. To solve this problem I'd followed this link with the precious help of Guillem Camprodron: wolfpaulus.com/jounal/mac/installing_python_osx

• Now I'm ready: HELLO WORLD!