The Fab Academy


General Machine Tutorials

Installing / Updating the Fab Modules Lasercutter Troubleshooting Milling with the Modela Player

Principles and Practices

Project Management

Mercurial Basics and Resources Installing Mercurial on Windows using Cygwin Installing Mercurial Mac Installing Mercurial Ubuntu Mercurial Troubleshooting

Computer-Aided Design

Inkscape to OpenSCAD

Computer-Controlled Cutting

Press-Fit Construction Tips

Electronics Production

Assemble and Program the FabISP

Computer-Controlled Machining

Electronics Design

Modifing Hello Echo Using Eagle PCB Production Tutorial Designing circuits boards with Kokopelli

Molding and Casting

Molding and Casting Tips / Fab Modules

Embedded Programming

Programming the ATtinys with the Arduino IDE Programming Hello Echo Using C Hello Arduino DIY FTDI Cable Timing one second with a microcontroller using timers and interrupts

3D Scanning and Printing

3D Printing Tutorial 3D Scanning using the NextEngine HD scanner and ScanStudio

Input Devices

Input Device Examples - C

Interface and Application Programming

Pure Data to Arduino over Serial Serial communication with browsers using the Seriality plugin

Output Devices

Output Device Examples - C

Mechanical Design

Networking and Communications

Hello Serial Bus - C

Machine Design

Grbl to Arduino Uno

Applications and Implications

Project Developement

Invention, Intellectual Property and Business Models