Epilog Mini Laser Cutter Lasercutter Troubleshooting:


How to Manually Reset the Start Point:

Your Problem:

  1. The laser cutter is not beginning to cut where you want it to. (It is beginning too far up or down on the material to be cut or is cutting too far left or right)
  2. The laser is cutting off the bed area (far left or far right).

Solution - Manually Reset the X/Y start point

When the laser is not running:
  1. Make sure the laser "pointer" is on.
  2. Press the X/Y off button on the laser control panel.
  3. Press the "Go" button
  4. Manually (with your hands) move the laser head (use the pointer to gauge the actual start point).
  5. Press the "set home" button
  6. Press the "job" button
  7. Send your file to the laser
  8. Press "go" to print the file.

Tutorial by Anna Kaziunas France - Fab Academy AS220 Providence, RI