Applications and Implications


This week's assignment, was to propose a final project that integrates the range of units covered


What will it do? 

At the beginning I proposed an electro-mechanical acoustic panel system as my final project. After some time I got inspired by the different results I got from the weekly assignments, so now I decided to make a mechanical + electronic musical/noise machine, with control settings for being able to generate different sounding patterns.


Who's done what beforehand? 


There's reuge really old mechanical music boxes and there's a company called animusic specialized in the 3D visualization of MIDI-based music, but their machines are only digital (3d models), however "Sisu Devices" built one of their designs for Intel (video), finally the is a Sweden band called "Wintergatan" that make their own music machines, I think they don’t use electronics.


What materials and components will be required? 


For building the prototype I’ll need:


X1 15mm board of Plywood

X1 3mm layer of acrylic

X1 FR4 board 
X30 Allen socket M6 bolts
X50 Hexagonal M6 nuts
X50 M6 plain washers
X6 608z bearings
X2 M6 threaded rod 
X4 NEMA23 stepper motors
X1 IC Atmega 328p 
X2 22pf cap 
X1 capacitor of 0.1 uF 
X1 resistor of 10k 
X1 resistor of 1k 
X1 resistor of 0 

X4 mini switches

X1 16 MHz crystal

Wiring cables
12v power supply


Where will they come from? 


Electronics from lab materials (with some exceptions)

Hardware from local vendors (Malvinas)


How much will it cost? 


25 dollars for the acrylic

30 dollars for the plywood

5 dollars the steppers

All electronics less than 20 dollars

hardware (bolts) 5 dollars

9 dollars for the bearings


What parts and systems will be made? 


All the structure will be made on plywood + acrylic, electronic boards will be also made


What processes will be used? 


For the structure will use the shopbot for milling the plywood and the laser cuter for the acrylic, will also use the modela for the electronics.


What tasks need to be completed? 


-3d model the machine

-took from the 3d model the cutting patterns

-design the electronic boards on eagle

-write the code

-mill the plywood

-laser cut the acrylic

-mill the electronic boards

-assemble all the parts

-upload the firmware



What is the schedule? 


I’ll start with the building proses after finishing with the mechanical/machine design assignment, because right now I’m really focused on that task, I’ll start by doing all 3d modeling, next all the electronics + programming and finally all the fabrication, I think I’ll complete all in 3 weeks.


How will it be evaluated? 


First ill test that all the electronic inputs + outputs work, next test if the mechanism works right and finally test the interface with different users and compare the different results.