Project Management

Final project proposal:


Lately I’ve been very interested on working with sound, I realized that the acoustic requirements for sound experimentation or sound recording, are very different among high frequency sounds ( treble, over 5kHz)  and low frequency sounds ( bass, under 5kHz) the higher the frequency of the sound is (like cymbals) there’s a need of sharpen edges in the room for cutting the unwanted resonance, and the lower the frequency is (like bass guitar) there’s a need of padded surface for muffing the sound. So I thought, why can’t be a room that changes its acoustics in real time, then I thought I can do that with acoustic panels around the room that changes its configuration mechanically by sensing the spectrum of the sound, so every part of the room will respond differently by detecting the closest sound frequency.


First idea and drafts:



Parts scheme


Maximum and minimum position




GANTT diagram